Ecommerce Shopping Cart – What’s in the Store for You

If you’re searching long for eCommerce shopping cart information then your search has finally come to an end. With this article I will be guiding you about eCommerce shopping cart and different variants of it. Well, an eCommerce shopping cart in simple words is a software/plugin/tool that transforms your simple website into an online store; wherein one may sell his/her product. Generally such shopping cart displays the products for selling, gathers the payments, shipping related information and forward it to the payment processors, merchant or others.

Nature of eCommerce Shopping Cart

In general, an eCommerce shopping cart’s role is to:

1) Store product related data.
2) Provide a platform for catalog, customer and order management; which in technical language is known as an ‘Admin Panel’.
3) Displaying the product related information to the website/store visitors.
4) Display of easy order and checkout process.
5) Provide a secured process of passing the transaction data to the payment gateways.

eCommerce Shopping Cart – In Simple Words

An eCommerce shopping cart can be easily understood by illustrating a real example. Just believe you are in a department store or a specific brand or product store. You see that they are distributed in different sections. You visit the section that interests you and finally take a step towards the billing counter. In a similar fashion, an eCommerce shopping cart provides a virtual cart that is always there in whichever page you visit. This helps you to add the selected product to your cart.

Different Type of Shopping Carts

There are commonly three different types of eCommerce shopping carts; viz., hosted types, open source/self hosted types and WordPress or blog plugin types. All three eCommerce shopping carts cater to different target audience.

A hosted type is generally a type of shopping cart that releases the burden of the software maintenance, as the professionals are already maintaining it for their buyers. A good example of such type is, and

An open source or a self-hosted type of shopping cart needs to be installed on own server. The server could be bought from blue host or hostagator. The popular self-hosted type of shopping cart examples are opencart, magento and prestashop.

WordPress is a wonderful mode to showcase your product, service or personal portfolio. WordPress do not limit itself to only blog post, but it also gives its user a great opportunity to create an online shopping store of their own. The most powerful and creative development teams such as WooCommerce, eShop and YAK are some of the popular examples. Recently, we discovered a great example of an online store using WordPress with Woocommerce called Their store is proof that WordPress is so much more than a blogging platform and how Woocommerce lives up to it’s tag line of doing online stores ‘beautifully’. The white space usage is second to none not to mention how well the product photos come up. Again to have a look at this store yourself click here.

The Best of the All

We understand it is hard to select from the huge number of different shopping cart providers. To make it easier for you, we are listing the best from each of the shopping cart type.

1) Shopify: The professional service provider is made for marketers, entrepreneurs or single business people who want to concentrate more on their business rather than other technical challenges. Surely, it handles almost every technical challenge and it is rather costlier than the below two. However, it has its own niche. Some of the amazing features of shopify are: detailed customer profiles, customer accounts, 70+ payment solutions, multiple languages, multiple currencies, unlimited web hosting and different marketing solutions.
2) Opencart: Opencart is for those who want all the control in their hands. Opencart is full of incredible features such as unlimited product display, multi currency, multi language, payment gateway solutions, different shipping methods, unlimited category options and many others. Opencart standout among its niche just because of its user-friendly interface, very light design along with list long features.
3) WooCommerce: If someone thinks to build an online store with a self-hosted wordpress website then WooCommerce is the ultimate solution. Earlier we mentioned an Australian business using this platform effectively. Again, you can check it out here. This is a very powerful plugin, which is available free of cost. WooCommerce offers the services such as payment solutions, logistic partners, inventory management, regular sales report, marketing solutions and also tax settings. In terms of communication and design, WooCommerce provides beautiful themes mixed with the modern technology.

In this article we’ve talked about Woocommerce a bit. So we thought you should check out this vid for even more of an insight into how it can help your business…

Health and fitness

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Some of the best fitness products money can buy

Fitness products come and go each year. Some are simply either a complete waste of money, time and energy. Others are cheap copies of something really good that’s done way better than another company. There are some real gems though. Some of them can make your fitness truly go from ordinary to extraordinary. And there’s no better feeling than one day waking up to realise your fitness has gone to a level never known before. Sometimes it can be frustrating hitting a wall or ceiling in your progress. While your efforts are the most important thing – always, sometimes you need a bit of a kick to overcome plateus to jump up to the next level. This article will go through some such products that you should consider buying for your own home gym. Why pay another gym when you can build your own and have it forever – just the way you want it.

home gym products

These may perhaps include basic issues like track shoes, balls and skipping ropes along with a lot more sophisticated pieces of gear like bikes, bosu balls, treadmills, weights and quite a few extra. Now a wide collection of fitness equipment may be acquired for sale with new layouts for slimming down in conjunction with constantly becoming created consequently in the higher interest in gear that is profitable in developing strength and muscle tissues.

Know what type of equipment you need for particualr purposes

A few in the types of fitness equipment accessible might be classified according the type of exercise that they’ve been constructed. The initial class will be the strength education gear. Integrated in they are machines and totally free weights referred to. However, there are others that are not supported or weights per se but equipment that’ll add extra challenge or resistance and train the core and balance. Balance trainers and the bosu ball are a prime example that’s swept the fitness world for the best part of the last 20 years or so.

Essentially the most frequent type is 1 that uses gravity. This layout is often used mostly in weight machines. Other types can use other forces apart from gravitation to supply resistance. Incorporated in they are friction, spring loaded, fan-filled or fluid-rich machines.

Another kind of gear belonging to the strength education gear is tube as well as the bands, which are lightweight alternatives for education at function and at household.

One more variety will be the aerobic fitness equipment that is mostly the never-ending-route machines. The stationary bicycle concentrates the physical exercise by the activity of pedaling. Also, there are actually some models that can mimic inclines for a extra intense operate out.

The stairway to fitness heaven

The stair climbers duplicate the activity of climbing a staircase. This apparatus now also has adjustments that repeat the pulling activity up via work out off the hands. Rowing machines along with the skiing function each legs and also the arms concurrently with all the rowing machine also working the back muscles. The riders which are aerobic also exercising legs plus the arms by utilizing a push movement and also a simultaneous pull.

There is also a miscellaneous group. Integrated in they are points like exercising balls and heart price monitors too as various other people. Utilizing exercise balls is becoming crucial for equilibrium and in education including flexibility education as well.

It’s often important which you seek skilled guidance as the improper use on the gear can cause really serious damage when working with any fitness equipment.

Build your own gym

We know that one of the most exciting things you can do for your health and fitness is to build your own gym at home. Check out this video to get you started on that journey…


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Naming Your Ecommerce Store

When you are planning to sell online, selecting a suitable brand name for your online shop becomes quite important. Your customers will identify you with this name and therefore it becomes that much trickier. You are often confused between 4-5 names that sound good to ears and sticks. But deciding upon the best among these can be a difficult task.
ecommerce brand name

Many people would say what’s in a name? That may be true to an extent, but there is no reasoning for or against it. And thus, we have a few practical tricks which you can use once you have shortlisted some 4-5 names. The final decision can be based on multiple factors. Throw these names at your family and friends and get their feedback on the name that has the best recall. Ask them what they think of each of these names, what business the name seems to suggest to the customers, recall rates, etc.

As an e-commerce player, it’s good to have a name that can be correlated to the items that you are selling through your website. Or maybe, the name can simple be quirky and intelligent that quickly grabs attention and gets good recall rates. To help you select the final name among the shortlisted ones, here’s something that we have.

Domain Name Availability

Each day more and more businesses and blogs are coming up on the Internet; with that, most of the sought after names are getting booked on the World Wide Web. This may pose a great frustration to you when the name you finalized after much effort is alas already booked by someone else. Don’t lose heart. All is not lost. There are online tools that help you overcome this hurdle too. Let’s assume you are certain that you want “Kuber” as one of the words in the name for your ecommerce store. Now all you need to do is visit Domainsbot / Namestation / Nameboy / LeanDomainSearch / DomainHole and key in a combination of “Kuber” and some other word that you may want to appear in the name (we are using “Box” as the second word). As you press ENTER, you are presented with a list consisting of various permutation and combination involving these two words. Not just that, the search results use the domain extensions (.com, .net, .in, .org. etc.) to provide you an array of selections. Apart from that, you can even check out domain name availability for synonyms of the words “Kuber” and “Box”.

Domain Name Availability Check

Social Media Profiles Availability

Once you select your .com or .in website name for your ecommerce shop, it can be taken for granted that, as a next step, you would go ahead and book social media profiles on the same name. For example, if you decide upon “KuberBox”, the logical next step should be to book accounts in websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, etc. If the name “KuberBox” is available across all these sites, that means you can now book your domain name under this particular name and then subsequently, book the social media profiles. There are sites on world wide web that search across all possible social networks and find if your brand name pages are already booked or not. You can try NameChecklist or NameChk.

Cross checking social media profiles availability

Additionally, you would want to book the following variants – .in, .org, .net, .biz,,,,,,, etc. However, this is something that you can do once your website starts getting sizeable traction. Once your online store becomes famous, the opportunistic individuals will resort to such activities of creating these similar sounding online stores to get some of your website’s traffic.

We hope you now have enough information to get started and decide upon a great name for your ecommerce portal. Best of luck!!

Build a store

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Ecommerce Basics

Accepting credit cards online is not too difficult, but it will help you immensely to understand the mechanics which facilitate these transactions.

There are 3 basic components which you will need and should know about:

A Merchant Account
An Internet Gateway
An Ecommerce Enabled Website

A buyer enters his credit card information on an ecommerce enabled website. The website then transmits his credit card information and transaction information to a gateway provider. The gateway provider attempts to charge the credit card for the amount of purchase, and sends the results back to the website. If it’s a successful charge, the gateway deposits the funds into a merchant account, where the money is made available to you.

What Is A Chargeback?

A chargeback is a forced refund to a consumer’s credit card. Charge backs usually happen because of fraudulent use of a credit card or because of some perceived failure on the merchant’s part.

How Do Chargebacks Work?

When a credit card holder requests a refund from the credit card company, the credit card company evaluates their request, and, if approved, takes the money out of your merchant account. The credit card company normally gives you a specified amount of time to dispute the claim. If you can convince the credit card company that the chargeback is not justified, the money will be put back into your merchant account.

Why are Chargebacks Bad?

Banks normally charge a hefty fee for each chargeback, so you lose the original amount of the transaction, as well as an additional fee.

In addition, banks really get nervous when they start seeing chargebacks. Get too many, and they might close your merchant account.

How to Avoid Chargebacks

As I mentioned earlier, most chargebacks happen because of credit card fraud. It follows that the best way to avoid one is to avoid the other.

There are two main ways to avoid credit card fraud.

The first is known as AVS-or Address Verification. Most gateways offer this feature. Basically, the gateway will check that the address given during the sales transaction matches the address on file for that card. If the addresses don’t match, the transaction is denied.

The second method is to require the security code – or CVV2 Code – to be provided by the buyer. This is intended to verify that the card is actually in the buyer’s possession.

Terms in short:


A refund for a credit card charge which is forced by the credit card company.


The exchange of goods or services over the Internet.

Gateway Provider

A gateway provider acts as a link between a website, credit card companies and a merchant account.

Merchant Account

A special bank account which serves as a receptacle for funds received from credit card transactions.

Shopping Cart
Ecommerce software which enables merchants to sell goods or services online.


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Building a brand: The key to eCommerce success

At Xsellant we want our readers who sell products online in eCommerce stores to succeed. We believe that an evironment that successful people congregate is going to further encourage more growth and perpetuate. That’s why we post some of the learnings we’ve had on our road to eCommerce success. One of them is without a doubt branding. We’re not talking about any old branding where you go to Fiverr and get some logo. Although that’s important to get started you actually need to engage in brand building as an ongoing process. Really, it needs to be treated in the same way it is in the corporate world. That’s why we refer to it as corporate branding. And you should be doing it too. No matter what size your business. Think big and over time you’ll grow big. Remember it’s part of the long ball game.

build a brand

eCommerce corporate branding for pros

One particular always needs to possess a great standing within the firm one particular is in. You do almost everything to assemble your name and build it as a firm of option for customers to buy top quality merchandise and services that happen to be effective at. You concentrate your advertising efforts towards evoking a specific feeling and creating a picture when your company name and emblem is noticed or heard by your customers.

You have got performed all – you have picked a catchy phrase, a firm name, a symbol, a jingle, and almost everything else. You’ve got ensured effective customer service, and excellent good quality merchandise, prompt sales trade – you supplied a fantastic client satisfaction and the ultimate buying practical experience to your customer.

Will there be some thing else it is probable to do? How about an Web method?

The On-Line Approach

Get An Online Existence – If your small business name continues to become accessible the net – which means no one is – then it really is doable to take this for the own. If no longer out there, pick one particular which fits your enterprise – be inventive on obtaining a web web page name. It needs to become straightforward and brief so it might readily be recalled.

One more measure would comprise having a hosting service for the internet sites. These companies’ net servers are supplied by they for one to host your internet web-site, your name and your net pages.

Get Precious Content material and Educational – This could be an crucial World-wide-web approach. Obtaining an educational content within your internet web page, with regards to the goods you sell and around the organization you occur to be in, will give your net web-site visitors the thought and the feeling you realize what you do, and which you are going to be an authority in your region. Great web web page content material makes your shoppers or potential consumers require to view your web-site more than and over to understand any new info and current developments you might give out.

In addition, there are actually procedures as banner ad exchange, paid ads on high traffic internet sites and a lot a lot more. Find out one which you think delivers the proper service for the money’s worth.

Supply Interactional Practical experience as well as the Correct Appear – Irrespective of web web site content, this an additional major technique – as this can be a manner of acquiring guests or your customers solicited to your own website. For all those who have a professionally created web website which contains newsgroups, discussion boards, web logs, and so on. – you are going to get the action folks are looking for.

Have Effective Customer service and also a Comprehensive Ecommerce Functionality – When you also requires to determine to sell your products on the internet, you will need to get your net web page a full ecommerce functionality. It demands to not be unable to safely accept and approach credit cards transactions. Moreover, you should have the capability to provide on time the solutions bought, and have the ability to provide effective customer service to inquiries or any troubles your consumers will make.

An Web technique might be an efficient method to drive the tides of cyberspace technologies. An world wide web existence might be a fantastic inclusion to obtaining your business message outdoors – and confirming your corporation name to compete with in your sector.

Coffee machines

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The ultimate guide to buying home coffee machines

automated coffee machineCoffee. What an absolute necessity. The problem is it can be hard to make them consistently well. You could always go to cafes but then if it’s everyday then it becomes too expensive. When we’re on the run it can be hard to take the time to make them manually. Never fear. There are coffee machines out there that’ll have you covered. Get the right one and you’ll be laughing all the way to caffeine land quicker than you can say latte. This guide will help you choose one that’ll suit your needs and your budget.

Expresso machines for a quick punch to get you going

Expresso machines are among the hottest kitchen appliances. They’ve gained popularity lately. With among these machines within your personal dwelling, you will have your favourite coffee shop beverage whenever you will need, with out needing to leave your home.

Forte machines for that smooth ride

Forte coffee machines are a substantial investment and can be rather pricey. Both have positive aspects, based on your own inclination and also the quantity of money you are inclined to devote. Take a although to discover the traits and benefits of every type before generating a purchase.

All these are essentially the most made use of in residence machines. You stop the brewing course of action, which just takes about thirty seconds and begin. Most come with a shank or even a frothing adapter require for creating cappuccino or other specialty beverages.

Semi automated coffee drinking – on tap I say…

Semi automatics come with a commercial portafilter or maybe a pressurized. They are situated on coffee shop cappuccino companies. You ought to get time suitable along with the grind setting, tamp pressure to have the cup that is definitely greatest probable. It requires numerous attempts to fantastic this process.

The water will flow faster and slower for vulgar grounds for finer grounds. The ring makes a a great deal better cup with less work and also improves the crema.

Stuff it, let’s automate altogether – now it’s on tap!!

A super automatic machine is preferred by several persons. Using a superb automatic, it is possible to create cappuccino or an entire cup. Whenever you set up the machine, you program everything that is definitely pre then it is prepared to go. If you’re not proficient at brewing, or want a cup which is speedy with little attempt, you could require a machine which can do it all.

Incredible alternatives that include Expresso Machines

There’s a broad difference in Expresso makers’ price. Part of the cost distinction is based on the machine’s options. The far more characteristics, the larger the cost.

o A digital show allows you to use distinct coffees. With this attribute, it really is probable to prevent the procedure that’s grinding and use pre ground coffee.

o A bypass doser allows you to handle a lot of selections inside your machine. It is doable for you personally to location the timer or enter the energy saving mode. Establish for the completed beverage. Some even let you plan the machine for the water’s hardness.

O A flexible dosage attribute allows you to repair the amount of beans.

O A high-speed steam attribute will go to steam temperature.


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Alibaba goes to the global stock exchange

jack ma alibaba

The big ecommerce mega don Alibaba has only just applied for a public stock offering on Tuesday. It could actually be one of the largest IPO in the history of the US stock exchange.

A lot of united states customers are probably not that familiar with the likes of Alibaba. However, Alibaba is so much of a big deal that it comprises over eighty percent of online sales that come out of the land of China. This offering is also set to bring it up with the biggest tech giants of the globe including the likes of IBM, HP and Oracle. Bloomberg people recently valued it at coming in at around about one hundred and seventy billion dollars. However, this could actually be a conservative estimate. Others say it could rise upward of two hundred and fifty billion bucks after the world wide stock trading process gets underway.

Ma: Alibaba would love to be the greatest in the world

Jack Ma, the founder of the massive chinese business to business networking site Alibaba was interviewed about it recently as has been reported all over the place including on Forbes. Ma as it turns out, has been at it building this company since 1999. Back then, he was bootstrapping it together with his wife and others that he had recruited to put it all together. They were very busy all the time and worked exceptionally hard.

Even back in 1999 Ma was very optimistic about the potential of the company. Indeed, he was quoted as saying that he’d have liked it to eventually become the biggest company not only in the land of China but the entire world. At the time this seemed improbable especially since there have been so many massive US based tech companies rise to significant dominance over the last 20 to 30 years. With Amazon dominating the space together with eBay the likes of Alibaba had just appeared to be less significant through those years. At the time he made those predictions, the company was employing seventeen people and it had over thirty six thousands members at the time.

In addition to the company’s relatively small size, eCommerce was not as big as it is now. Not only was the business to consumer market not huge, the business to business side of things was even less developed. This is the area that Ma was primarily targeting. This was due to his background working with Chinese businesses through his position with the government.

Jack Ma’s attitude was clearly revolutionary and daring though. One of his famous comments that made this clear was that in his view planning is for losers and not planning is for winners. This seems to have allowed him to venture in to unknown territory in the business world.

Since then he has proven to be able to communicate his vision very clearly and in a pursuasive manner. So much so that he was able to attract sizable investments from internatioanl banks to the likes of Goldman Sachs.

Then in the year of 2007 he floated it at its first public offering. That was for the business to business side of the company. After the first day it was floated the stocks more than doubled over night. However, it didn’t keep growing on the public exchange. After a while they decided to go back to privately getting people to invest in it so they could at least keep building it out.

Since the first offering it has grown significantly. It now owns Taobao, which is a business to consumer site. It is rather like eBay but is mainly focused on China. Fortunately for them, this would feed their business to business site Alibaba as manufacturers needed an efficient way of moving their stock out to users.

Now Alibaba is truly massive. It alone has over 231 million people using it. They process around eleven billion purchases for stock each year now. This equals around a quarter trillion dollars of transactions per year that go through the site.

It has come along way since the days they were building the site in some Chinese apartment building back in 1999. Since then they have expanded their vision to target not just the business sector of the world but also the consumer one through Ali Express, T Mall, and Taobao and Alipay.